I had such a good first day. I started off with abnormal psych, which was awesome. The professor is serious and seems actually knowledgeable about psych… Very different from the grad students that taught at my old school.

Then I figured out that I have enough time to hit the gym and get a decent workout and shower after between my classes. Which is fantastic. Now I don’t have any excuses.

After that it got kind of blah with my professional development class. Its all about interview skills and grad schools and whatnot. I know it will help but the curriculum is less exciting than watching paint dry.

But you know what? After that, I get some time to myself, and then I get to hang out with my boyfriend. We don’t have classes until Tuesday night. Its so nice to have so much time and not have a weekday work schedule hanging over me.


I cannot wait to be back on track and feeling better. Trips take so much out of me, and then when its mixed with a visit from the communists (while on medication that is not working) and some overnight shifts at work… I am dead.